Mackinac forest floor

In Chapter 14, Tawny escapes her fears and the taunts of “Ice Blue” by

daydreaming about her times on Mackinac Island with Takoda. She especially savors

the day he led her to an old horse trail near the northern bluffs.

Sun kissed paths

There are few places more romantic than the Mackinac forest. Imagine a young woman

walking these trails with the man she deeply loves,

wondering if he feels the same.

Yellow carpeting

At times, places like these are beyond our vocabulary to describe.

You can follow these paths on foot or bicycle.

Some fortunate people ride the trails on their own horses.

But best is to walk hand in hand with the one you love.

Takoda's trail

Soon Mackinac’s forest paths will be covered with wildflowers.

Landscaping – courtesy of Mother Nature.