Tawny’s kidnapper, Yev, or as she refers to him, “Bossman,”

was pretty confident that the treasures he sought were in the Northern Straits area.

“Dieter or “Steel Rim” provided volumes of research on the subject.

Since Yev operated out of the Caribbean, he realized that a good number of people

from the islands moved to the north country in the summer to work at resorts.

His operatives tried in vain for years to get any information they could on

the possible location of the lost fortune.  Yev

was offering a large reward for information, yet

none surfaced.

Jamaican Catamaran

What a stroke of luck it was for him that Tawny and her mother decided to vacation in Jamaica.

Better yet, the catamaran they chose for a snorkeling excursion happened to have an employee aboard

who knew what Yev was looking for – any clues, especially the source of ancient Indian trading

silver – particularly, the “Cross of Lorraine.”

Although Tawny and Laura selected a catamaran line different from what is pictured here,

these photos give you a good idea of what the craft looks like.



crew cropped

Snorkeling trips on these sailboats are thrilling. Tourists enjoy rum punch,

snorkeling if they choose, and the thrill of cutting through the aquamarine seas of Montego Bay.

And yes, just as in the novel, some of the crew really do provide soothing

foot massages to relaxed travelers.