After the Race - Mackinac Harbor 1

You can’t have a book about Mackinac without highlighting the annual sailboat

races that finish at Mackinac Island.

Thrilling, colorful, and stacked with skill, these annual events draw a large

number of participants and many spectators.

In the novel, Tawny talks about the races and Takoda works

as a master boat builder and restorer.

His dedication to the trade helps the reader understand a little more

about the tremendous skills and patience that is involved.

Sailboat Race Mackinac State Harbor

This year the Chicago Yacht Club’s 105th race from Chicago to Mackinac

is scheduled start on July 13.


The Bayview Yacht Club’s annual race from Port Huron to Mackinac

will kick off on July 20th.  See

After the Race - Gear Out to Dry