Round Island Lighthouse with Bell Buoy

Round Island is straight across the shipping channel from Mackinac Island.

Although it plays a key role in the novel, the island is relatively unexplored.

Part of the Hiawatha National Forest, the 378 acre island is overseen by the U.S. Forest Service.

The Round Island Lighthouse was built in 1895 and has seen turbulent times as well as waters.

Most recently, the Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society has aided the

efforts of many dedicated fans of the lighthouse, including

Boy Scout Troop 323 of Freeland, Michigan.

Readers – Note the green bell buoy in the above photo.

Tawny swims over to a similar one when Takoda takes her boating and

“twists” those memories to trick “Bossman.”

Shepler's Ferry Passes Rounbd Island

Shepler’s Ferry Passes Round Island as it departs from Mackinac.

The dramatic cloud patterns surrounding the island never fail to

surprise visitors and delight photographers.

Round Island with Star Line

The newer Round Island Passage Light off the west breakwater of Mackinac Island’s

harbor began to shine in early 1948.

This photo gives readers a good idea of how close Round Island is to Mackinac.

Note the Star Line ferry’s familiar rooster tail!